Having a Yard Sale?

Do not forget to obtain a yard sale permit.

Yard Sale Permit Application

Rather than a personal visit to obtain yard sale permit, we strongly encourage you to conduct township business via email, by telephone and/or the SECURED drop box.

The drop box is checked several times a day.  It is a black mailbox.  It is marked with a green and white sign that says Town Hall Drop Box.  It is located at the entrance ramp of Town Hall on your RIGHT-hand side facing Town Hall front doors.

How to Obtain a Yard Sale Permit

  • Fill out the Yard Sale Permit Application.
  • Exact cash only.
  • Checks are made payable to: Tabernacle Township.
  • Drop payments or any paperwork in the drop box.
  • $5.00.
  • Must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope to return your permit.
  • Your permit serves as your receipt. 

Shana Gosik
Deputy Municipal Clerk