Residential Metal Collection

2021 Metal Recycling Schedule

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  • Household metal items such as: air conditioners, appliances, water heaters, bicycles, etc., are picked up on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  


  • To arrange to have your metal items collected curbside, you can schedule an online for a pick up. Email a pick-up request to Public Works.


  • You may call Public Works and leave a message at (609) 268-1220 x110, to schedule a pick-up. You must leave your name, address, and telephone number, along with the item needing to be collected.


  • We are unable to accommodate same day calls for same day pick up.


  • If your item has been picked up by another source, there is no need to call for a “do not collect”. There may be others that may have a metal pick up on your road.


  • All items must be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m., the day of collection.

Natalie Lewis
Deputy Municipal Clerk