Update - Recycling - June 2, 2021

Updated - June 2, 2021
Posted - May 27, 2021

There will be no recycling collection in our municipality Friday, June 4. 2021.

We will be updated on Monday, June  7, 2021 regarding expected makeup dates.

A national truck driver shortage is impacting trash and recycling collectors, including the County’s recycling contractor who is the Occupational Training Center (OTC).  

The OTC is working aggressively to solve this problem, but recycling pickup will be delayed.

Please click here for more updated information from Burlington County

Information will be on the Burlington County website, Facebook page and Burlington County should be sending notices via Recycle Coach. 

We urge residents to sign up for notifications on Recycle Coach.

Once new collection dates are confirmed by Burlington County, we will share this information.

If you have any questions, please call the Burlington County Recycling Collection Manager at 609-267-6889     ext. 154.  

Occupational Training Center of Burlington County

Occupational Training Center of Burlington County – Employment Opportunities

To our residents..... Thank you for your continued understanding.
You're awesome!

Natalie Lewis
Deputy Municipal Clerk