Secured Drop Box - Reducing the possible exposure to COVID-19 at Town Hall

Given the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), Tabernacle Township has taken action in the interest of maintaining the well being of all its Township employees to provide and preserve a safe working environment.  We recognize the need to deliver necessary services during the crisis by asserting the following:

Reducing the need to come into Town Hall and its offices.  
In order to reduce possible exposure to COVID-19 for our employees and residents, rather than a personal visit, we strongly encourage you to conduct your township business via email, online payments for taxes, by telephone and/or the use of our two drop boxes (one at Town Hall and one at the Annex Building).

All notary services and marriage license applications are by appointment only.  All other Municipal Offices requiring services are also by appointment only. 

Conducting your Township Business by Email
All employees’ email addresses can be found by clicking Departments,  and then click on the specific department you need.

Online Tax Payments.  You will need to provide your block and lot number and/or address and follow the prompts. 

Secured Drop / Deposit Boxes
There are two drop boxes located on our campus.  One is located at Town Hall at the entrance ramp which is located on your RIGHT hand side facing the Town Hall front doors.   The other drop box is located at the side of the Annex Building.  You may drop payments or any paperwork in these boxes.  The boxes are secured, monitored and are checked several times during the day.  

If you pay by check, your returned check will serve as your receipt.  If you require a receipt, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope (S.A.S.E) then you will be mailed a receipt.