Message from Garden State Removal

ALL residents:
Pertaining to bulk items. At this present time, we are asking that if possible bulk items be bagged or covered in plastic (i.e. mattresses, box springs, cushions, small bulk items). Any larger item if possible be held until the restriction is lifted or have items wrapped accordingly with plastic wrap. With the exception of wood items, these items are permissible.  Please note wood products means household furniture items.

If 1 of our employee were to be exposed then it would put our entire company in jeopardy, so please ask residents to be patient for the bulk items disposal.

We are ALL trying to follow the state guideline to keep everyone safe per our Governor.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation to this matter.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, safety is our 1st concern to ALL. 

Be safe and Stay well!

Garden State Removal Company
(609) 261-0556