Little did John Brainard, a missionary, know that he established Tabernacle School District in 1778 when he built a small one-room church located at the corner of Chatsworth and Hampton Gate Roads. The land around the little church was sold in 1803 by William Wilkins to Hosea Moore and became the Tabernacle Cemetery. The church served as a schoolhouse for many years. In 1856, the first Tabernacle Schoolhouse was built opposite the church. Charles Bowker donated the land for the school. The Union and Friendship schoolhouses, both one-room buildings, were built later to serve as the school and the town hall. These schools served the community until another room was added to the original school. The Union schoolhouse was moved to Carranza Road and abandoned shortly thereafter. (Information copied from the Tabernacle Township Centennial Celebration brochure.)
The Friendship Schoolhouse is located today on Carranza Road in Tabernacle next to the Sequoia Transitional School. The Tabernacle Historical Society has generously stepped in to help restore this building and photos of this building are found below.