Tabernacle / Woodland Municipal Court

Tabernacle Township Municipal Court and Woodland Township Municipal Court
Town Hall – 163 Carranza Road – Tabernacle, New Jersey 08088
(609) 268-0363 / Fax (609) 268-7198 
The Municipal Code for Tabernacle is:   0336
The Municipal Code for Woodland  is:   0339

Anyone wishing to meet with the Court Administrator must make an appointment. 

Payments can only be taken by the Municipal Court office.  Exact cash, checks and money orders are accepted. No other Municipal Department is able to accept payments for the Municipal Court.  

Unfortunately, Township does not accept credit cards or debit cards.

Minor traffic violations issued in Tabernacle Township / Woodland Township may be paid online at: 

You may visit the web site to determine if your violation is payable online.  New Jersey Point System

You will be able to check if paying the violation will result in your driver’s license being assessed points from the Division of Motor Vehicles.  

TABERNACLE / WOODLAND MUNICIPAL COURT now offers online ticket review to dispute certain moving violations through the ONLINE MUNICIPAL CASE RESOLUTION SYSTEM.   

By having a moving violation reviewed online, it is not necessary to make any court appearance.  Simply visit  NJMCDirect and enter your ticket information to determine if your offense is eligible and select the option for CASE DISPUTE.   

Eligible traffic tickets will be reviewed by a prosecutor and you will be notified with their recommendation.   

To see if you are eligible to have your matter reviewed online, please visit   

Municipal Court Administrator:                Margaret Guerina 
Deputy Municipal Court Administrator:   Catherine Iezzi
Municipal Court Violations Clerk:            Rebecca Calp
Municipal Court Judge:                           Lois F. Downey 
Municipal Court Proecutor:                     Christopher Koutsouris, Esquire
Municipal Court Public Defender:           Stephen E. Raymond, Jr., Esquire

Tabernacle Township
Town Hall – 163 Carranza Road – Tabernacle, New Jersey 08088 
(609) 268-1220 / Fax (609) 268-7430 
Monday through Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.