Land Development Board

Welcome to Tabernacle Township Land Development!
The Land Development Board performs the function of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Board Members meet usually on the first Wednesday of every month in Town Hall as shown on the schedule below.  All meetings begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Common Land Development Terms Used 
Variance: Permission to vary from one or more of the provisions of the Township Code. Example: conducting a business in a residential zone, placing a shed too close to the property line. 
Site Plans:      Development plan showing existing and proposed conditions of the property.  Example is the construction of a new building.  
Subdivisions:  Division of a property into two or more lots.
Land Development Board Members:           
Samuel R. Moore, III              Class I
Barclay Phillips                       Class II
Robert C. Sunbury                  Class III

Class IV:
Vince Conigliaro                           
Mark LeMire                          Co-Chairman
Ray McCarty
Noble McNaughton                Chairman
David Oiler 
John Sandman                       
Susan Brandt                          Alt #1
James Ebersberger                Alt#2

Land Development Board Attorney: David Frank, Esquire
Conflict Attorney: Raymond Coleman & Heinold, LLP
Land Development Board Engineer: Joseph Gray, PE CME Associates
Conflict Engineer: Environmental Resolutions 
Elaine B. Kennedy
Land Development Board Secretary