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Permit Required

  • We strongly encourage you to call the Construction Office and check to see if a permit is needed.
  • Permit Applications are available from the Construction office daily.
  • A description the work to be done must be completed and submitted to be reviewed by the appropriate Subcode official(s).
  • If it is rejected the applicant is notified of the reason.
  • If it is approved, it is processed and you will be notified of the cost and when to pick up the completed permit.
  • Smoke Detector / Carbon Monoxide Detector Certifications are required on all home sales or change of occupancy. 
  • Please allow 24 hours’ notice when scheduling an inspection.  

A construction permit is required to construct:    Sheds, fences, decks, swimming pools, interior remodeling, enlarge, alter or demolish any structure or change the occupancy of a building or structure requiring greater strength, exit way or sanitary provisions.

A construction permit is also required for:           The installation, extension, alteration or repair of any mechanical equipment, refrigeration, air conditioning or ventilating apparatus, plumbing, gas piping, electrical wiring, heating systems or any other equipment.

What work does not require a permit?
Ordinary maintenance projects such as:         Painting and carpeting in residential structures, replacement of storm windows and doors of the same size openings, wall paper, replacement of kitchen cabinets, etc.

Technical Assistant / Scheduling       
Lisa A. Cummins

Building Inspector / Construction Official / Fire Sub-Code Inspector / Plumbing Inspector
Thomas K. Boyd   

Electrical Inspector                   
Ed Micelli                 (609) 268-1665          

Fire Inspector / Commercial property inspections are conducted annually
Ernest Boegly