Trash Removal

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sanitation truck

Trash is collected once a week by our current contractor South Jersey Sanitation.  If you should experience any problems with pick-up, please contact the Township Office immediately at (609)268-1220 or (609)268-2570.  Please do not call the contractor directly as all correspondence must be directed through the Township. Containers should be no more and no less than a 32lb size. Anyone placing a container that does not conform to this size must identify clearly and legibly that this container is not a trash item if they wish for it to remain at the premises. Failure to identify this container may result in its disposal by the trash company and they will assume no liablity for its removal.
If your trash day falls on a holiday, your trash will be picked up the next day. Holidays falling on a Monday DO NOT affect our schedule as the normal trash days are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For holiday's falling on normal trash collection days, check our Need To Know  page for an amended schedule.
You are allowed to have one (1) bulk item per week with your regular trash. A bulk item might include items such as furniture (non-metal items only), mattress or box springs and carpeting (limit of 5 rolls cut into 4 foot lengths). All bulk items have a limit of 50lbs each.  Please be advised that as of January 1, 2011 televisions will no longer be collected with trash as a bulk item and must be recycled.
If you are attempting to dispose of construction materials, both indoor and outdoor, or landscaping materials (including fencing, railroad ties, concrete, etc.) you must make arrangements to dispose of this on your own. Check the phone directory for listings on dumpsters, haulers, etc.  If you are able to move these materials on your own, you also have the option of taking this material to the Burlington County Landfill. You can contact this facility at (609)499-5200.
The trash contractor WILL NOT accept items placed in cardboard with the exception of broken glass. The heavy cardboard box should be taped and labeled that it contains broken glass to protect the sanitation workers from injury. All other cardboard is to be recycled.  The contractor also WILL NOT accept leaves or brush.  The trash contractor CANNOT return for late curb placement. PLEASE HAVE CONTAINERS OUT BY 6:00AM.

        ARE YOU PLANNING TO MOVE?             

Please be advised that if you are moving and you have a large amount of household trash to be disposed of, you must make your own arrangements to dispose of these items, such as a dumpster.  If arrangements cannot be made in advance of a settlement buyers are urged to request that money be held in escrow to cover any costs to dispose of these materials.  The township's contract does not include the cost for disposal of house contents in bulk and as such it is a homeowner responsibility to dispose of large quantities of goods.